Ease Of Use

Easy to Use, Easy to Navigate, Easy to Understand

The all new graphic user interface combined with software that was designed for your industry gives you easier-than-ever access to every facet of your business. If your new to the program, a step-by-step walk through will help you input all of your exhisting information and data to the right place. We have improved the user flow to funnel information input to eliminate any indecision and confusion. You will be familiar with the intuitive software in no time.

Track and Manage Collections

Record, Add, Edit, and Update All at Once

Record collection information for current and new machine locations, add machines to a location as needed, change meters configuration, change tax and commission rates, enter specific information related to new generation of machines (credit card, player account money, etc.), update advances and commission checks information, view machines prior to collections, view live location totals – all operations are done on the same screen! In addition to financial information, Silent Partner tracks both expected and actual take-home amounts, collection ID (allowing to recall posting batch at any later time for editing), and bank deposit ID.

Extensive Reports

All Your Reports in One Place!

Silent Partner includes uniform front-end screens for all reports, allowing you to select time period, machines, and the locations to be used in your report. You can easily recall the reports saved in the library that automatically update, build new reports on the basis of the older reports, or build new reports . The report sample helps you to see how the final product will look. You can switch from one group of reports to another without ever going back to the menu, making your reports more efficient.

Service Calls

Direct Contact with Technicians

Track and organize all of your service call data to your liking. Send text messages directly to technicians and have the ability to e-mail service calls to service technicians. Track service calls in real-time or history mode sorted by location, machines, problem, or technician. Keep track of open and aged calls, assignment by technician, and current workload. Track multiple repairs for the same machine while assigning parts for repair and keeping track of repair costs.

Mobile Application

Manage your data on the go (Coming Soon!)

We are currently developing our updated, mobile version of the software and will be pushing out all desktop capabilities to the palm of your hand. You will now be able to create reports, view postings, move machines, schedule service calls, print receipts, and much more while on-the-go! All of thee capabilities will be supported by both iOS and android products.


Cleaner Modules for Clearer Understanding

Each facet and page of the software has been designed to better improve your understanding and expidite your process. Silent Partners clearly outlines your data entry process so you will no longer have to fumble with entries and indecision.


  • Manage location and machine inventory. Plan ahead and manage machine moves.
  • Manage commissions, taxes, depreciation, advances, and expenses. Expanded number of machine classes for more refined reporting.
  • Hundreds of options for assigning tax areas, depreciation schedules, expenses, location groups, covering state tax and reporting requirements.
  • Track revenue, including credit cards, player accounts, gift cards, take-home earnings and bank deposits.
  • Dynamic on-screen route collection scheduler and viewer.
  • Helpful Rotations advisor lets you know what to place when.
  • Exclusive PrintVIEW system for custom report generation. Select fields, conditions, sort order and screen appearance to customize your reports.
  • Enhanced LIBRARY feature allows you to save report templates.
  • View reports on the screen, or convert them to a variety of common file formats.
  • Complete printing capabilities, including Print Preview and selected pages.
  • Define and configure fields for location and machine records, reports and statements, and collection tickets.
  • Comprehensive reports covering all inventory, rotation, and financial aspects of your business.Summary reports by any group of locations or machines. Drill-down from summary to details. Multiple windows allow display of several reports at once.
  • 3D graphs enhance data presentation and can be printed together with user notes.
  • Comprehensive and easy to use security system. Audit trail keeps track of each user’s actions.
  • Context-sensitive help and sample reports are available throughout the program.


  • Track vehicle information and user- defined maintenance procedures.
  • Reports cover vehicle maintenance, cost of usage, and mileage.

Service Calls

  • Track service calls in real-time or history mode sorted by groups of locations, machines, problems, or technicians.
  • Keep track of open and aged calls, assignment by technician, and current workload.
  • Track multiple repairs for the same machine. Assign parts for repair and keep track of repair costs.

Video Lottery

  • Track ‘money in’, ‘money out’, and percent payout for payout machines.
  • Reports cover from single machine to your whole operation.

Parts Inventory

  • Define your own parts categories and assign parts to them.
  • Keep track of purchases, usage, and sales.
  • Extensive reports cover current inventory and transactions for any time period.

Redemption / Cranes

  • Keep track of prizes and plush inventory in warehouse and locations.
  • Extensive reports cover all transactions, prizes/plush usage, and percent payout.